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September Wine

This song is by Dando Shaft and appears on the album An Evening With Dando Shaft (1970).

Sitting on my own I contemplate
Summer is gone and the coloured leaves fall
Down to Earth, looking better than the rest of the year

I see the gathering dancing round
17 maids and 17 men
They dance so high for it is the last dance of the year

Mystic Minstrels by the fire,
Blowing their best for everyone
September Wine has shown them
The best of the year

Painted people flying now
Weaving twisting, turning on,
Red and White polka dot memories
Of the best of the year

Smiling faces sink to the ground
Moon and Stars are up above
Making love to carry them
Through the rest of the year

Now the Autumn nights have gone
Coloured leaves frosted on the ground
Gratefully lay, giving back life
To the rest of the year

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