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Kind Lady

This song is by Okuyatos.

Looking for love
He knew that his heart was healing
He'd been hurt too much to try again
But when she caught his eye
Ain't no man could fight the feeling
He knew he had to try to let love in

Smile to let her know
She was in the mood for talking
So then he began to play the game
Before he knew it
He had told her how much he'd been hurting
How he was hoping she was not the same

Could you be
The kind of lady that I'm seeking?
After all of this time
Could this be true love?
And she said, Boy you don't have to look no more
I'll give the love you need 'til you holler enough, guaranteed
Not like the rest, boy, I'm a kind lady
You've been hurt but be sure boy I am the cure
And when you wake up late thinking it's a dream
Just touch me boy you know, you can count on me
Believe me

This lady
You know what you've found in me
Is a lady
Kind o'lady
That can give you what you need
A kind lady
That will never leave you lonely and
Just maybe
This lady
Finally you've found me, oh
Kind lady

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