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Keep Ya Body Movin'

This song is by Thuggie D..

Keep ya body movin' uh, keep ya body movin' uh...

(Dance Dance Revolution, keep ya body movin')
Keep ya body movin' left to right
Keep ya body movin' fron to back

Now first thing's first, ain't no time to rehearse
Put your back foot forward now switch your tail in reverse
Slide to the side, bu tyou gots to do it right
I see you thinking that you on it
Wigglin' and twigglin' keep your bottom jigglin'
Work it, twerk it, exercise adrenaline
Thuggie D. and C-4 got the solution
Dance Revolution


Now bump for me, I just wanna see ya hip-hop for me
Take it to the top, now stop for me, walk for me
Now drop for me, hehe, yeah
Don't get scared, everybody's watchin' me
But we don't care, we know what you gotta do
Up in here, take that chance and get ya step on dance
Dance Revolution, uh


Revolution, Revolution...

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