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Hysteria 2001

This song is by NM.

Picture me, I'm on top of the world now
Never stop, not for anyone, not now

I was the teacher and I made you learn
I was the flame, and you just got burnt
By me the one and only, Chaos is here
To preach havoc and destruction and to strike fear

Demolishin' my foes just like that
I see the fools and they want to combat
So I pull out the same rhyme, don't waste no time
Brushin' them off with the freshest of lines

*Picture me, I'm on top of the world now
Picture me, I'm ahead of my game
Never stop, not for anyone, not now
Gonna take you up all the same

Ohhhh.... ohhh...

Who is the better of the best
Well I've won but they've flunked the test

Stoppin' for no one just like the shogun
My blade is my rhymes, usin' it, then I'm done

Ohhhh.... On top of the world...

(Repeat * x2)

All the same, all the same

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