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The Death

This song is by Dana Key and appears on the album The Journey: Walking With Jesus (1990).

It was an evil time
The hearts of men had grown numb
To the common sight of the accused
Been led through the streets of Jerusalem to their deaths
But this was an extraordinary day
A deafening hush fell over the marketplace
Women reached for their children
The sun grew dark at midday
And all eyes stared upward
Then the silence was broken by the cry
Of the convicted Galilean
"Father, why Thou hast forsaken Me?"
Breathing His last
He gave up what no man could take from Him
"Father, in Thy hands I commit My Spirit"
A centurion, who viewed the scene
As he had countless others
Knew there was something different about this day
He tearfully came to the same conclusion
That pierced the hearts of men and women
For two thousand years
"Surely, surely this was the Son of God"

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