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The Fast Blue Hedgehog Song

This song is by Dan Bull and appears on the album Generation Gaming VIII (2015).

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Put on my red shoes and fasten up the buckles
Flex and stretch my legs, oh so supple
Call Amy, Tails and Knuckles
We're ready for a scuffle and feathers'll be ruffled
Amy Rose is a lady that knows
How to handle a hammer, she's aiming the blows
There ain't no evading the throws
With one little tap she's breaking your nose
Tails sails through the air like a gale
With chaos trying to take him down to no avail
He'll scale hills and vales, valleys and mountains till we prevail
Knuckles is a though old echidna
How he got so big's an enigma
As a unit they're lifting the stigma
That woodland creatures have little charisma

Spikes on my back strike and attack
Any lyre, boa, mamba, python or asp
Which type of life's even faster than light?
You're frightened to ask, it is I
I'm the supersonic Sonic and I'm on it
Like a comet at velocities that makes you want vomit
Breaking your sound barrier like a grommet
Would they ever stop me? Far from it
I'm running to the summit, I'm honest, that's a promise
On every gold ring that I've got within my wallet
Bling, got to get those rings, spread those wings
And wreck those tings, disinfect those stings
I'm a retro link to the future, electro swing
Being blue, sir, is the next big thing
There's a spring in my step so let's go, thrilling

There's a pillock named Lyric and he's going to get it
He'll feel the force of everything were going to give him
The biggest of his wishes is to kick us off the rhythm
But were never going to give in, never going to let him
He's never going to get anything that he threatened, whatever the weapon
We're old school so we're prepping a lesson
He'll learn that we're never subject to aggression
We're the woodland creatures with grand features
That'll make you scream from the bleachers
Bringing heat like a fever with elite beats
That'll give your speakers seizures
DBs exceeding the reading of the meters
Till you're pleading for a breather
While we just beat snake egg enemies to the ether

Oh, I'm a blue flame bolt
Oh, I'm a blue flame bolt
Oh, I'm a blue flame bolt
Screw Usain Bolt, I'm a blue flame bolt
Oh, I'm a blue flame bolt
Oh, I'm a blue flame bolt
Oh, I'm a blue flame bolt
Screw Usain Bolt, I'm a blue flame bolt
I'm a, I'm a, I'm a blue flame bolt

And a Hedgehog

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