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Shut Down

This song is by Dan Bull and features Shizzy VI.

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Shizzy VI
Good day to all Americans, I'm here with a catastrophe
And a number of questions to one I'm hoping will answer these
My name is Shizzy VI with the DB6 News
Dan Bull
And I'm Dan Bull, here to discuss the issues

Shizzy VI
Okay, it seems recently America caused a blunder
Fallen under, suffered, the reason why is what we all have wondered
Dan Bull
Capitol Hill were meant to passing a bill
About how America was splashing its mils, but they were lacking the skill
Lagging until it was too late and shut down
Shizzy VI
But now that it's shutdown and sundown Dan, what now?
Dan Bull
Well, first an urgent purge of federal workers
Essential ones will stay, the rest will be worthless

Shizzy VI
Along with being worthless, with hungry mouths and stress
Do you have any idea how many people it'll affect?
Dan Bull
Well, 800,000 are not deemed essential
So their diaries are gonna be really uneventful
Shizzy VI
The eventual tears will be a lot to see
What exactly will this do the economy?
Dan Bull
We will see a drop in stocks and profits immediately
The longer it goes on, the more it eats into the GDP

Shizzy VI
Dropping quick as DDT, I can't help but feel choked up
Dan, since you're in the office, care to explain what's the hold up?
Dan Bull
Yeah, of course
The Democrats are in a never-ending spat
With the Republicans on just how to spend their tax
Shizzy VI
And because of that, we can't relax, there's drama here
Care to tell me what that has to do with Obamacare?
Dan Bull
Well, some Republicans believe that social healthcare
Is so bad for welfare, they're ready to go out there

This is nail-biting stuff for Obama's cuticles
And equally key play for major pharmaceuticals
Shizzy VI
Seems for some of these guys, being in office is unsuitable
I'd rather see them clean cars and never see a cubicle!
I'm sorry, I'm just enraged and took a slight detour
Now my next question is: has this happened before?

Dan Bull
The last shutdown was nearly 20 years ago, lasting 21 days
So this appears to show that it could take a serious amount of time
To resolve what's a fuss about a dime

Shizzy VI
Which is a shame, it's like a game
With our funds is being played
But during the whole fiasco, does the President get paid?
Dan Bull
The President's still getting sent a paycheck
With everyone in Congress, it's a safe bet
Shizzy VI
At this point, I just feel that America neglects me
But just to be sure, how does this whole thing affect me?
Dan Bull
Well, in many ways you won't be left on your own
But won't be able to get a passport or federal loan
But despite the changes that we're sure to see
It won't affect national or social security

Shizzy VI
Well, I suppose that's a positive, diminishing the shame
But the biggest question here is:
Who are we to blame?
Dan Bull
Yeah, who's responsible for digging this hole?
Well, opinion polls suggest them in control of Congress
While about 10% less blame the President for getting us into the bloody mess
Shizzy VI
Well Dan, I appreciate you taking out the time
To elighten us here at DB6 at five, now
We wait to see if we're out of luck now
Or if power returns to the system to end this...

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