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From the Attic (2003)Edit

Damone - From The Attic
From the Attic
  1. Frustrated Unnoticed
  2. Your Girlfriends
  3. Up to You
  4. Feel Bad Vibe
  5. Overchay with Me
  6. On My Mind
  7. Carwash Romance
  8. Driveway Blues
  9. At the Mall
  10. You and I
  11. Leave Me Alone

Out Here All Night EP (2005)Edit

Damone - Out Here All Night EP
Out Here All Night EP
  1. Out Here All Night
  2. What We Came Here For
  3. Get Up and Go
  4. Never Getting Mine
  5. Time and Time Again

Out Here All Night (2006)Edit

Damone - Out Here All Night
Out Here All Night
  1. Now Is the Time
  2. Out Here All Night
  3. What We Came Here For
  4. Stabbed in the Heart
  5. On Your Speakers
  6. Get Up and Go
  7. Outta My Way
  8. You're the One
  9. New Change of Heart
  10. When You Live
  11. Tonight
  12. Wasted Years

Roll the Dice (2008)Edit

Damone - Roll The Dice
Roll the Dice
  1. Roll the Dice
  2. Serial Killer
  3. Bored to Death
  4. Dressed Up Like a Millionaire
  5. Obvious Things
  6. The Most of It
  7. Talk of the Town
  8. Don't Miss It
  9. Better Than You Let On
  10. You Could Be Mine
  11. Conquer Me
  12. When It Ends

Other SongsEdit

  1. Everybody Wants You
  2. Out Of My Way
  3. Rock Star

Additional information

Band members:
  • Dustin Hengst - drums, backing vocals (2003-)
  • Noelle LeBlanc - lead vocals, guitar (2003-)
  • Vazquez - bass, backing vocals (2003-)
  • Mike Woods - lead guitar, backing vocals (2004-)
Former members:
  • David J. Pino - lead guitar (2003-04)
Record labels:

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