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Information Age

This song is by Damon & Naomi and appears on the album More Sad Hits (1992).

You'd think in an information age
It wouldn't be so hard
Just to know what you're feeling
But the moment passes on
And the nights are colder now
That it's daylight savings time
And when I said I love you
I was wrong

Cause you and me
Our eyes will never meet again
We're not the same
Guess we never were
And all the things we knew
Even I love you
Are not the same
They're just nostalgia

Computer crashing
All around us business fails
The times are hard--or so they say
But I don't believe the Times
And I don't believe the Globe
It's spinning free enough to choose
Your way to go


Written by:

Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang

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