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This song is by Damien Jurado and appears on the album Saint Bartlett (2010).

What I need is a hand that'll hold on
Reaching out and not letting go
Many times I find I am let down
By the ones, who keep me close

Are you kept then told like a secret
Do you find that you're kept in the dark
Calling out, your voice is an echo
No words come back, but your own

As a whole
As a whole

Free to fly but your wings haven't grown out
Many windows in the house
Please tell us what concerns you
Not to help, but to look the part

Anxiously awaiting your arrival
You look like you could use a rest
Overwhelmed by all the excitement
Better friends to take your place

As a whole
As a whole
As a whole
As a whole


Written by:

Damien Jurado

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