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Silver Malcolm

This song is by Damien Jurado and appears on the album Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son (2014).

Fixated on a color
I tried hard not to move
And though the room was spinning
I never felt confused.

I knew of my short-comings
The day it made the news
From the balcony of my hotel
When God gave the salute.

I was followed by a spaceship
I was taken by surprise
Aware that you would come back
When I saw you in the sky
And I made a reservation to be seated at your side
Sewing in my tongue so
I can taste the wine.

I will wear the atmosphere
And you will be a light
Replacing every star that fell
When you tore out the sky
You should have given warning
When turning on your side
My eyes get dilated
When you call me in my mind
I'll have no one to talk to
If I am left behind.