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This song is by Damien Jurado and appears on the album And Now That I'm in Your Shadow (2006).

Standing with my feet deep in the ground
Was I nothing but a landslide in your mind?
Am I no one until someone calls me out?
Are you just pretending when we talk?

You should have seen me
Keeping watch at dawn

Picture now a car ride through the plains
Where east meets west and only sky remains
Were you faking death to only gain concern?
The cut out lights and signals told us wrong

You should have seen us
Carefree behind the wheel

Lover I am still here breaking chairs
Will I ever be the hero in your song
Or forever in your shadow so unseen?
Trapped between the lines that you write down?

You should have told me
Broken jaw and all
Crippled in your glory
Restless till my death

Written by:

Damien Jurado

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