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This song is by Damien Jurado and appears on the album Ghost of David (2000).

Tell me when tomorrow comes
I'll be the first to ride
Start the car and honk the horn
I'll be right outside

Pour a drink and open wide
I have things to tell
I have seen the brighter side
Of the roads that lead to hell

Yesterday is miles away
You'll miss it if you blink
And I've found my salvation in
The places where you drink

You can say you're on my side
And I know that's a lie
'Cause given the chance you'd stab my back
And leave me here to die

Just give me the keys tonight
I'm happy when I drive
Revenge is the perfect word
For what I have in mind

Desert lives bring deserted lives
I know from first hand
We're moved around like circus clowns
When laughter's in demand


Written by:

Damien Jurado

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