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Denton, TX

This song is by Damien Jurado and appears on the album And Now That I'm in Your Shadow (2006).

She walked in with sadness in her eyes
I could tell she'd been sleeping with the stars
"Well hello I am dawn..."
"Yes I've seen you around..."
"And I just live down from here"

She has a dad she does not know
Who sends her letters with no return address
"I don't know his name..."
"He don't know my face..."
"I am better off this way"

On the weekends when I drive her into town
In a car that I borrowed from my mom
She makes hotel beds
Where the sidewalk ends
And I wait for her to come home
Please come home

Then one day she finally stopped coming around
My best friend said she probably moved out of town
Not a letter was sent
Not a phone call was made
And I hope she comes back here


Written by:

Damien Jurado

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