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Lie to You

This song is by Damhnait Doyle and appears on the album Hyperdramatic (2000).

I suffer for
Things I should not suffer for

For what I've done
You know not about

When in darkness
Searching for sleep

It's not your face
But others that I see

Allow me to dream
What I shouldn't dream of
Allow me to be
What I might not be

I like to lie to you
I think you like to lie to me too
If you ever heard the truth
You'd think that I was lying to you

When I return home
Will you ask where have I been

Are you sitting scilent
Waiting for the words to sting

And the lies we've told
Are coloured by the light
I wanted to pierce the skin
Never dreamed it could go
All the way

Close your eyes
It won't hurt

Chorus out

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