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Swine Eyed Sheep

This song is by Damaged and appears on the album Token Remedies Research (1997).

Bop. Pop back pills like a power ranger,
AMIL café latte party animal,
Lemming atrocity's of the social stage a chesty bond

Total face value of your worth is who you are,
What you wear and what you drink in there,
How many drugs you've taken,
Freedom of expression to the culture
Strains club away, depressing bloody beat 5/4

Do you want some more rebellion, fashion victim?
Victim of the fashion: see through picture
From another who issues vanity.
Do we go read about your self respectability?
Enemy's token normality, inbred doof fed off vitamin K.O throw

Setting standards, dropping guard,
Cut off denim, super heists and Doctor Martins
See through cotton-mesh designer wear
Inside out, press an' pout
Grind an' shake.

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