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Love Guaranteed

This song is by Damage and appears on the album Forever (1997).

Whatever you want, whatever you need
Whatever you want, whatever you need

Now that you know, I love you so
And now you know I can't let go
Stay in my world, girl, forever and a day
And promise we'll be more than friends

Anything you want, anything you need
I can give you love guaranteed, baby
Anything you want, anything baby
I can give you what you need (you need)

There was a time when I was lost,
And I never thought I'd find someone
Then came you and you turned it all around
I'm overjoyed 'cause it's love I've found

All you have to do is call me
(Baby just call me)
You don't have to worry at all (at all)
Just reach out your hand
(Baby, dream all your troubles away)
(Oh yeah, it's anything you say)
Chorus to fade

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