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Hello, I'm An Old Country Song

This song is by Dale Watson and appears on the album Carryin' On (2010).

Hello, I'm an old country song
I ain't been around in a while
But it ain't like I'd really been gone
I'm more like an old suit, that's just gone out of style

Hey I heard you found somebody new
Someone younger, more adept, more alive
Not much to say, so I just lift away
Till I slid off your radio dial

I'm here if you ever want me
An old friend you forgot that you had
If those yearnings ever haunt you
Lend an ear, I'll give you a hand

We been through a lot, you and I
We've cursed, we've laughed, we've cried
Through love and divorce and the horrors of war
When the young ones were born, and the old folks they died
Sometimes I hit too close to home
And the truth ain't what you want to hear
We're old friends you and I I wouldn't tell you a lie
Even if it spared you a tear

Perhaps I'm too sad and forlorn
A product of some bygone age
A little too haggar'd and worn
Since I kicked out the footlights and walked off the stage
I thought I'd just drop you a line
And let you know "hey, I'm still around"
If you're ever in need just listen to me
And say hello to that old country song

Say hello to an old country song

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