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Cheatin' Heart Attack (1995)Edit

Dale Watson - Cheatin' Heart Attack
Cheatin' Heart Attack
  1. List of Reasons
  2. Caught
  3. She Needs Her Mama
  4. That's the Day
  5. Cheatin' Heart Attack
  6. South of Round Rock, Texas
  7. Tonite, All Day Long
  8. Nashville Rash
  9. Wine, Wine, Wine
  10. You Lie
  11. Tell 'em I Ain't Here
  12. Holes in the Wall
  13. Texas Boogie
  14. Don't Be Angry

Blessed or Damned (1996)Edit

Dale Watson - Blessed or Damned
Blessed or Damned
  1. Truckin' Man
  2. Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint
  3. Blessed or Damned
  4. Cowboy Lloyd Cross
  5. A Real Country Song
  6. Poor Baby
  7. It's Over Again
  8. Fly Away
  9. It's All Behind Us Now
  10. That's What I Like About Texas
  11. Everyone Knew but Me
  12. Sweet Jessie Brown
  13. Truckstop in La Grange
  14. Shortcut to the Streets of Gold

I Hate These Songs (1997)Edit

Dale Watson - I Hate These Songs
I Hate These Songs
  1. Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe
  2. Wine Don't Lie
  3. Hair of the Dog
  4. I Hate These Songs
  5. That's Pride
  6. I Won't Say Goodbye
  7. Leave Me Alone
  8. I Think of You
  9. Take a Look at Your Neighbor
  10. Life Is Messy
  11. Ball & Chain
  12. Count on You
  13. Pity Party
  14. Hey Driver

The Truckin' Sessions (1998)Edit

Dale Watson - The Truckin' Sessions
The Truckin' Sessions
  1. Good Luck 'n' Good Truckin' Tonite
  2. Big Wheels Keep Rollin'
  3. Heaven in Baltimore
  4. Have You Got It On
  5. Makin' up Time
  6. Flat Tire
  7. Drag Along & Tag Along
  8. Exit 109
  9. Help Me Joe
  10. ...Loose Nut Behind the Wheel
  11. You've Got a Long Way to Go
  12. Longhorn Suburban
  13. I'm Fixin to Have Me a Breakdown
  14. I Gotta Get Home to My Baby

Preachin' to the Choir (2001)Edit

Dale Watson - Preachin' to the Choir
Preachin' to the Choir
Disc 1
  1. Welcome to the Borderline
  2. In the Jailhouse
  3. Introducing the Band
  4. Hangover Ago
  5. Luckenbach, Texas
  6. Can't Be Satisfied
  7. Legends (What If...)
  8. I Got Stripes
  9. Ain't That Livin'
  10. Hair of the Dog
  11. Bourbon Vs. Tequila
  12. Kentucky in a Spin
  13. Frank
  14. Smalltown
  15. Drink, Drink, Drink
  16. How to Break Your Own Heart
Disc 2
  1. Yee-Hah
  2. Turn off the Jukebox
  3. You Think You'd Know Better
  4. No Fussin', No Cussin'
  5. Mandatory Merle Song
  6. Mama's Hungry Eyes
  7. Another Day, Another Dollar
  8. Heart of Stone
  9. Preachin' to the Choir
  10. Country My Ass
  11. Return to Sender
  12. You Are My Friends
  13. Viva Las Vegas
  14. Call It a Night / Country My Ass (Reprise)

Dreamland (2004)Edit

Dale Watson - Dreamland
  1. Honky Tonkers Don't Cry
  2. Ain't a Cow in Texas
  3. Love at First Sight
  4. I'd Wish You'd Come Around
  5. California Wine
  6. Never Ever
  7. Dreamland
  8. Fox on the Run
  9. Way Down Texas Way
  10. She Don't Care
  11. I Don't Rock No Cradle
  12. Pretty Girls

Whiskey or God (2006)Edit

Dale Watson - Whiskey or God
Whiskey or God
  1. Sit and Drink and Cry
  2. Whiskey or God
  3. I Don't Feel Too Lucky Today
  4. No Help Wanted
  5. My Heart Is Yours
  6. It Hurts So Good
  7. Truckin' Queen (I Got My Night Gown On...)
  8. Darlin' Look at Me Now
  9. I Wish I Was Crazy Again
  10. I Ain't Been Right, Since I've Been Left
  11. Tequila and Teardrops
  12. 38... 21... 34
  13. Outta Luck
  14. Heeah!!

From the Cradle to the Grave (2007)Edit

Dale Watson - From the Cradle to the Grave
From the Cradle to the Grave
  1. Justice for All
  2. It's Not Over Now
  3. Time Without You
  4. Hollywood Hillbilly
  5. You Always Get What You Always Got
  6. From the Cradle to the Grave
  7. Why Oh Why Live a Lie
  8. Yellow Mama
  9. Tomorrow Never Comes
  10. Runaway Train

Carryin' On (2010)Edit

Dale Watson - Carryin' On
Carryin' On
  1. Carryin' On This Way
  2. Hey Brown Bottle
  3. Flower in Your Hair
  4. Tequila, Whiskey and Beer, Oh My!
  5. You're Always on My Mind
  6. Ain't That Livin'
  7. Heart of Stone
  8. I'll Show You
  9. How to Break Your Own Heart
  10. For a Little While
  11. Whatever
  12. Your Love I'm Gonna Miss
  13. Don't Wanna Go Home Song
  14. Hello, I'm an Old Country Song

El Rancho Azul (2013)Edit

Dale Watson - El Rancho Azul
El Rancho Azul
  1. I Lie When I Drink
  2. Where Do You Want It
  3. I Drink to Remember
  4. Cowboy Boots
  5. We're Gonna Get Married
  6. Daughter's Wedding Song
  7. Quick Quick Slow Slow
  8. Slow Quick Quick
  9. Give Me More Kisses
  10. Drink Drink Drink
  11. I Can't Be Satisfied
  12. I Hate to Drink Alone
  13. Smokey Old Bar
  14. Thanks to Tequila

Other SongsEdit

  1. Angel In My Dreams
  2. Real Country Song