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This song is by Dakona and appears on the album Perfect Change (2003).

Yesterday was the longest day I have seen
But tomorrow could be longer, maybe
Indecision rising up like steam
From an early morning highway

If things were different
Everything might work itself out fine
I'd like to see right through the windows in your mind
I know that everyone's got something up their sleeve
What have you got for me, my baby

Gonna give it up, I think I had enough
I'm prayin for a revelation, could you set me free?
Cuz this is killing me, I'm begging for a revelation
and I know that you know the way. Yeah you know the way
Oh oh oh oh

Twenty-one and the lifeboat is starting to sink
Yeah the water's rushing over my faith
Growing tired of living live on my knees
Yeah I'm begging for some mercy

Chorus x 2

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