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Love Sick Pleasure (1991)Edit

Daisy Chainsaw - Love Sick Pleasure

Love Sick Pleasure

  1. Love Your Money
  2. Get Real Pleasure
  3. Sick of Sex

Eleventeen (1992)Edit

Daisy Chainsaw - Eleventeen


  1. I Feel Insane
  2. You Be My Friend
  3. Dog With Sharper Teeth
  4. Hope Your Dreams Come True
  5. Natural Man
  6. Love Your Money
  7. Lovely Ugly Brutal World
  8. Use Me Use You
  9. The Future Free
  10. Pink Flower
  11. Waiting for the Wolves
  12. Everything Is Weird
2014 Special Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Child Star
  2. Use Me Use You (Version)
  3. Get Real Pleasure
  4. Sick of Sex
  5. All the Kids Agree
  6. Room Eleven
  7. Hope Your Dreams Come True (EP Version)
  8. Propeller Punch
  9. Queue for Transatlantic Alien
  10. You Be My Friend (Alternate)
  11. Violence From Love
  12. The Future Free (Alternate Mix)
  13. Natural Man (Version)
  14. I Feel Insane (Alternate Mix)
  15. My Confusion
  16. Waiting for the Wolves (Alternate Mix)

Pink Flower (1992)Edit

Daisy Chainsaw - Pink Flower

Pink Flower

  1. Pink Flower
  2. All the Kids Agree
  3. Room Eleven

Hope Your Dreams Come True (1992)Edit

Daisy Chainsaw - Hope Your Dreams Come True

Hope Your Dreams Come True

  1. Hope Your Dreams Come True
  2. Propeller Punch
  3. Queue for Transatlantic Alien

...For They Know Not What They Do (1994)Edit

Daisy Chainsaw - ...For They Know Not What They Do

...For They Know Not What They Do

  1. The Future Free
  2. Belittled and Beaten Down
  3. Sleeping With Heaven
  4. Love Me Forever
  5. Candy Floss
  6. Life Tomorrow
  7. Zebra Head
  8. Unit Shifter
  9. Diamond of the Desert
  10. Mosquito
  11. Greatest God's Divine
  12. Voice for a Generation
  13. Looking for an Angel / Our Dear Boy

You're Gruesome (1995)Edit

Daisy Chainsaw - You're Gruesome

You're Gruesome

  1. You're Gruesome (My Dearest World)
  2. Sir William Powers
  3. Love Me Forever

Compilation AppearancesEdit

  1. Upmanship Down from Volume One

Other SongsEdit

  1. Darling I Love You
  2. Killing Game
  3. Sister Sexy
  4. Ginger Speed

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