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Make Oneself

This song is by Daisuke Ishiwatari and appears on the video game soundtrack Guilty Gear XX In N.Y Vocal Edition (2004).

Shoot down the road with wheels on fire,
The engine roaring from the heat,
Pistons are pumping to the wire
Both axles spinning, coming to fuck you up!

In search of action, riding low,
This mother-fucker don't take the backseat
The chassis humming with the flow,
Live up the danger, or get yourself the fuck out!

Foot on the gas, never look back,
Wheels spinning, ride low!
Breaks are all dead, temp's in the red,
Axles burning, but ride on!

Cruising on, there's no regression,
Fuck that bullshit non aggression,
Shit's gone down there ain't no question,
Axel's on the low!

Aim to kill, that's my impression,
Bitch ain't taking no concession,
Make you pay for your transgression,
Axel's on the low!

Acceleration, don't stop child
Shift into high gear, none can compete,
Pull off the road and the shit gets wild,
Both axles spinning, coming to fuck you up!

Once in sight, you're his possession,
Ain't be hearing no confession,
From the hunt, there's no digression,
Deal the final blow!

Aims to main, it's pure aggression,
Bitch ain't making no discretion,
There will be no intercession,
Deal the final blow!

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