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Babel Nose

This song is by Daisuke Ishiwatari and appears on the video game soundtrack Guilty Gear XX In N.Y Vocal Edition (2004).

Love, lovely animal love-, lovely animal.

Foxy lady will put you off guard,
Foxy lady will fuck you up hard,
Foxy lady might draw your card,
JAM, JAM, JAM all night.

Foxy lady, that bitch has got class
Foxy lady, she give you some sass
Foxy lady will have your ass
JAM, JAM, JAM all night

Wild animal with moves to leave you blind,
Raze your soul, blow your mind.
Pull the blood from inside your bones,
Fucking prepare to RAGE!

Stupid boys, the bitch is for real
Stupid boys come get a good feel
Stupid boys get pain unreal
JAM, JAM, JAM all night

Little children, come get a nice treat
Little children, want cherries so sweet
Little children with death do meet
JAM, JAM, JAM all night

Beauty with curves that will rock you hard,
Tear your flesh, leave you scarred.
Rip your brain from inside your skull,
Fucking prepare to RAGE!

Lovely beast, sweet animal
Annihilating all that stands in her way!
Hungry beast, blood shall be shed,
Eradicating all the fools who contend!

Foxy lady, fuck, look in her eyes
Foxy lady will be your demise
Foxy lady, with blood baptize
JAM, JAM, JAM all night

Foxy lady, the bitch is on fire
Foxy lady, is living desire,
Foxy lady, come feel the ire
JAM, JAM, JAM all night

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