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Tangled Web

This song is by Daily Planet and appears on the album Hero (2002).

Words and Music by Regie Hamm and Jesse Butterworth

Tick-tock the clock ticks to zero
Right now the world needs a hero
Maybe that's me but I've got voices in my head
They're talking about revolution
Suggesting I'm the solution
Stand like a man but here I'm hanging by a little thread

Twisted reflection, perception
Just what do I see
In this mirror, it's clearer to me, that'

It's a tangled web
It's a tangled web I'm weaving
It's a tangled web
Hello again, I must be leaving

Can't stop the yarn I am spinning
Straight faced or am I still grinning
Don't know, can't tell, oh well, it's all just a crazy game
I'm too close to the danger
Of living life like a stranger
This place, this face I see is me, but it's not the same

Losing perspective, selective
And hazy memory
It seems like a dream, but it's no fantasy, that'


They're talking 'bout revolution
Suggesting I'm the solution

Not just surviving, reviving
This life that I lead
In this mirror, it's clearer to me

Right now the world needs a hero

' 2002 Regie Hamm / SESAC / Brentwood ' Benson Music Publishing

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