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More To Life

This song is by Daily Planet and appears on the album Hero (2002).

Words and Music by Jesse Butterworth

Anxiety, keeps eating me
Will it ever be full?
I can't get no rest
Can't get this off my chest
I've got the push and pull

This chimpanzee won't let me be
Camped on my back
Man, all I need's a little victory
Some rest from this attack

There must be more to life than this
Surviving weekend to the next
Lord, show me how to fight
This disillusionment I'm suffering

Obedience, my new defense
I'll walk by faith
Intelligence says consequence |
Is not the beast to wake

Did I stray to far from You?
When You find me
Can I come back home with You?

' 2002 Brentwood ' Benson Music Publishing

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