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This song is by Dahpne And Celeste.

Daphne and Celeste
Featuring Marie Campbell

C & D- Go Trojans! Go Trojans!
M- break!
M- Let's get this game started
C & D- C'mon Marie!

M- Let's get this started
D- Quit gettin' bombarded
M- No losers at our school
D- Trojans are only cool
C- Let's make a score
M- Let's blow those Vikings
D- (Ewe!)
M- Away
D- As long as we're around
D- They'll never get their way

M- Get those book open, coach
D- Straight A's lookin' like a roach
C- Get outta class
M- Teach is a pain in the-
C & d- neck!
M- Hurting my brain
C- Studying, such a pain

M- Are we gonna win?
C & d- yes we are!
M- Are we gonna stay?
C & d- yes we are!
M- 'Trojans' gonna win?
C & d- yes we are!
M- break!

M- I think I've lost it
C- Maybe you have
D- Oh no
M- What do you mean?
C & d- mental institute!

M- Cheer squad is here
M- So you betta watch
C & d- out
C- We're gonna make you
D- Wish you were gone
M- I'm not gonna turn the lights on

M- Gimme a roll call
D- Give 'er a roll call!
C- Gimme a roll call
D- Give er a roll call
C & m- give us a roll call!

M- break!
D & C- Break?
M- break!
D & C- Break
M- break!
D & C- Break!
C & d & m- trojans break!

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