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​La Penita

This song is by Dag Nasty and appears on the album Field Day (1988).

Sitting here like forty ounces
Waiting to be drunk
I always seem to want what I don't want
It's more than I can handle
Still I want another shot
Even without it, five minutes from now
I'll find I can't stand up
On the edge, I've been there
And it's just as crowded as back home
Though the waves are strong
It's easy enough to swim on back to the shore
Sometimes, couldn't my eyes just stay at home?
'Cause sometimes
Seeing doesn't see me through
Someday maybe someday
Couldn't we take all our mirrors down
'Cause sometimes seeing doesn't see me through
I'd love to believe you
When I say always and all ways :)
But from what I've seen
You can't see me through
There's a question in your head
Though you're thinking
" Not this time"
Don't be afraid to ask
Don't be afraid to care