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This song is by Dag Nasty and appears on the album Wig Out At Denko'S (1987).

I'm irresponsible
I'm irrational
What are you gonna do?
And if it's in my head
And if I'm just paranoid
Well I guess it's just jealousy
When it comes to you
But you'll never guess
It's like exercising
When I try to disguise it
I avoid your eyes
You'll never know
Inside I can't stand it at all
When every word is a lie
But I go through it all
Lies are just exercises
And I can't help myself
'Cause I've always lied to myself
I've had to fake so many things
What are you gonna do?
And if you see though it all
And I can't excuse myself
I think I need your help to see me through
What are you gonna do?
Lies are just exercises