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One More Time (Romanthony's Unplugged)

This song is by Daft Punk and appears on the album Daft Club (2003).

Coming straight for you One More Time
Now listen

Ooh, I just saw you last night
And we made good love
Then came the morning light
Still it's all I think of

Just one more time
One more time, babe
One more time

You know I give my all to you
I just can't help myself
Now I'm gonna comfort you
Until there's nothing left
Just one more time

One more time, babe
Let's make love
Good love
So good love

Just listen
One more time
We can celebrate And love so free

The music gots me feeling the need, babe
One more time

We can celebrate and dance so free
Love has got me feelin' the need
The need, babe
Need, babe

You wanna know if it's real
The feeling that you feel
You wanna know if it's finally doing it
One more time, baby
It's all, it's all good

Just one more
One more time, baby
Let's make that love

When you go to work I make it
Hur ur urt

Before the machine take over and the system gets us in
Just be a lover one more time
Now and against
Daft Punk
Robotic, hypnotic, Romanthony
Doing it one more time

Music by:

Thomas Bangalter Wikipedia16, Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo Wikipedia16 and Anthony Moore Wikipedia16

Lyrics by:

Anthony Moore aka Romanthony