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Heavy To The Touch (Think About Tonight, Forget About Tomorrow)

This song is by Dads and appears on the album American Radass (This Is Important) (2012).

You get some time away
And time really gets away from you.
I said I was searching for myself
But I was running from everything too.

A new degree,
A piece of paper,
Framed in dark ebony
To hang up later.
(Or else it's)

Your harsh words,
Whispered into my ear,
You said, "This time was fun,
But you no longer belong here."

In your bedroom
With those foreign faces.
Under your clothes,
Private places.

I'll push my roots into the road with all my might,
'Cause I'm not coming back tonight.

From coast to coast, until I'm bored of the sea.
Making land into stories, pictures mean memories.
Until you won't recognize me.
Until you won't recognize me.

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