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Man of Leisure (2011)Edit

Man of Leisure
Man of Leisure
  1. Life, Oh Life
  2. The Ocean
  3. Sister
  4. Bron
  5. Song for Two (Sung by One)
  6. So Long
  7. A-Bomb
  8. White Knight
  9. Dreaming of Falling to Your Death
  10. Sleepwalking

Brush Your Teeth, Again ;) (2011)Edit

Dads - Brush Your Teeth, Again ;)
Brush Your Teeth, Again ;)
  1. Dan's Christopher Walken Impersonation
  2. I Don't Wanna Fuck With Another Dude's Snacks
  3. Pass Me the Ball
  4. I Didn't Say Pass Me the Ball
  5. Dos Penes Duros
  6. The Deer in the Basement
  7. New Pantera
  8. Dan's D'Angelo Impersonation

American Radass (this is important) (2012)Edit

Dads - American Radass (This Is Important)
American Radass (this is important)
  1. If Your Song Title Has the Word "Beach" in It, I'm Not Listening to It
  2. Get to the Beach
  3. Honestly, Chroma Q&A
  4. Aww, C'mon Guys
  5. Shit Twins
  6. Grunt Work (The '69 Sound)
  7. Groin Twerk
  8. Big Bag of Sandwiches
  9. Bakefast at Piffanys
  10. Heavy to the Touch (think about tonight, forget about tomorrow)

I'll Be the Tornado (2014)Edit

I'll Be the Tornado
I'll Be the Tornado
  1. Grand Edge, MI
  2. Chewing Ghosts
  3. The Romantic Ocean
  4. Fake Knees
  5. Sold Year / Transitions
  6. You Hold Back
  7. But
  8. Sunburnt Jet Wings
  9. Take Back Today
  10. Only You
  11. Do You Still Think of Me?

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