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The Pros

This song is by Queen Latifah, features Daddy-O and appears on the album All Hail The Queen (1989).

(Queen Latifah)
I stepped into a basement party in Brooklyn
The brothers was looking as soon as I put a foot in
A female walked up to me and said "Latifah bust a line"
I don't think you're on the strength, show me the time
I said "If you really want to do this, we can do this, fine
Take six paces and begin to rhyme"
As soon as attempted to make a sound
I ate her up with the verb, broke her down with the noun
'Cause I hate it when someone challenges with me but cannot balance with me
I get annoyed when they can't go blow for blow
I get pissed when I hear the lyrics a sucker brings

Ha ha, I was thinking the same thing
Well I was approached by a whole damn group of them
Rhyme fiends, biters, and bums
Took me kind of light, said they wanted to fight
I kinda got uptight (You didn't do what I think you did?) Yeah, right!
Bash! went the first, Smash! went the next one
He started, he started to run
But to his surprise, his feet must have slipped
'Cause I snapped that neck before the second step

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