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Let Your Body Talk (2001)Edit

Daddy DJ - Let Your Body Talk
Let Your Body Talk
  1. Daddy DJ (Chico & Tonio Radio Edit)
  2. Where Are You?
  3. Over You (Original Radio Edit)
  4. Let Your Body Talk
  5. Little Baby Girl
  6. U See
  7. In My Dreams
  8. The Girl In Red (Live Mix)
  9. Louder
  10. Nightmares
  11. Daddy DJ (J&B Trance Club Mix)
  12. The Girl In Red (Chico & Tonio Feat. J&B Club Mix)
  13. Daddy DJ (J&B Feat. Mr Manu Underground Mix)
  14. Over You (Ian Van Dahl Remix Radio Edit)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Daddy Mahmoud
  2. Girl In Red (Multimedia Track)
  3. The Nightmare
  4. What's Your Name?

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