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So Fly

This song is by Da Razkalz Cru.


I'm Scrappy, go tell a friend, if they ain't heard you before baby tell
Them again I'm Scrappy, from my head to my toe, only 14 playa you
Didn't know. I'm Scrappy, so what's really crackin', I ain't talkin' I'm
Rappin'. Do I got a girl? What! Stop askin, Just give me your number
On the napkin 'cause I'm a mack to the 3rd degree, Lil Sas is a third of
Me and he's next I ain't gota tell you girl, I'f fresh, my jeans cost a G
And they ain't Guess, so what's next on the recipe, you got a chick and
She's checkin' me, SO WHAT UP I'm gettin' doe and I'm doin' my thang,
I got hair and I'm lettin it swang, so SHUT UP

I'm so fly eva since I was a little guy, all these girls they
Choosin' me! I'm the one they wanna see. I'm so fly eva
Since I was a litte guy, all these girls they choosin' me I'm
The one they wanna see.


Hay Caramba! Girls wanna give me they numba Spring, Fall, Winter,
And Summer (I'm so fly) Can't you tell that's the way we do it 'n' the
ATL white tees, reeboks, paints of my tail Everywhere I go chicks
Scream and yell I got a lean in my walk slang in my talk Just bought
A house outside of New York My watch about hmmmm 5 and some
Change I know you heard Jay -Z, Money ain't a thang Y'all wanna ball
With us, yep you know it Money ain't a thang and I ain't scared to
Show it Just can't wait till I turn 1-8 chillin' in my boat eatin lobster and
Steak came along way from the hood and the projects, now I gotta
Benz and I ain't even drove yet.

2 x's


Now you can refer to me as B, BUCKLYT, E top product you know these
Tracks believe I got Hondas Hey mama, listen, when I'm kickin rhymes
In your ear That will make you get sweatin, then forgettin ya man at
Home when I come you're gone when I get to hittin the switches, they
Be all on my demo like A&R lookin' for a hot single fly young dude
Got his own lil lingo you people know how we do it be M-O-B- shorty
And you know that's you one fly sucka, if yu want it come and get it,
'Cause it's now or neva matter of fact, cnge that, I'm gonna be here for
A while so y'all can comeback with that! Ha ha ha


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