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Cream Cheese

This song is by Da Razkalz Cru.

There was a piece of cheese,
when martin came by,
it turned into a toad...

THere was a peice of cream
laying on the road,
when hoodlum came by,
it turned into morris code...

There was a piece of styrofoam,
laying on the road,
when a car drove by,
gas went everywhere and killed the reindeer
that were standing near

why not

and thats ok a aya ya ya thats okay
okay..yea yea thast okay!!!!!! whoooo

backup! HOmie, what would u do? pick up the styrofoam and make NAPALM
what would u do?
start livin in a house?
what would u do?
sneak out hte car and drive to a bar?

thats OKAY A A A A A A thats okay

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