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Live It Up

This song is by Da Brat and appears on the album Anuthatantrum (1996).

Nine six, it's Da Brat nigga
We jackin these niggas for they beats and shit
Put this shit in ya mothafuckin mouth...

Niggas know when they see the afro sym-boool they embrace themselves
Lock doors and hold their breath
For the black on black beamer drivin'
Shitin on niggas time after time
And on da west side is confinement
It ain't no gettin' outta line with me I stays ready
Split a mothafuckas shit fo free if necessary
Gotta love for gettin' blunted
What you wanna do I done it... bitch
And about to do it again
So run and tell ya friends I'm comin'

Chorus: repeat 2X

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