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Without God

This song is by Da' T.R.U.T.H. and appears on the album The Whole Truth (2011).

Oh, Lets Go
I won't beg anyone for this one, Boggs
Your Buddy's in the building
Oh (2x)
Let the band play, band play, uhn, let the band play

Ever since your boy was young and
Steady in front of it doctrinated in the convents
Tryna halla for the masters I knew that God was above us
This were the values instilled to be pam a mother
Made the throne intended time by reverses before supper
She one of the reasons am even packing my luggage
While she was packing up launches
Pa was packing up punches
Yo Play fight and I love the fact that they love us enough
To have them talk about Jesus in our discussions
Then all of that could have passed in a moment
But I translated the information in O'day
The Mammas safe is my faith so I cannot hold 'em
Holding 'em tryna' tell 'em

I would never make it without God
I am only a human I don't know what am doing
Human, I would never make it without God
I don't know how they do it, everything would be ruined
Human I would never make it without God (x2)
Without God (x3)

So many questions I can't answer
Way to many debts that I can't cancel
Far too many powers beyond me man
Way too many trials that I can't handle
I am too fragile
I am a weakling on a weekly basis the foundation that I stand on
Is got to be firm as a rock
So when the predicaments come that I didn't plan for
I can stand in the sand storm
Yeah, 'Cause the trials in this life hit hard
Sometimes I just wish that I can just press pause
Uhn, but I understand that I can so standing up in his arm singing

This is nothing in a avidly of an optimist
I can ask a question, what if not God exist
How do I know that the Christian doctrine is not a myth?
And that the doctrine of evolution is not legit
But I get a knock to my conscience, look at the obvious
Creation can't be the consequences of a cosmic shift
Yeah, now am holding to the opposite
And I know that am lost without him like Robin Thicke
So, when the trials in this life hit home
I get to chase unto his and unto his throne
Yeah, 'cause only he is the rock
And we can standing on the top

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