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Who Is That?

This song is by Da' T.R.U.T.H. and appears on the album Moment Of Truth (2004).

Who is that making that noise? Yeah, it's us again
Who? The ones who share in his reign and suffering
How? Since he died we died he rose we rose with him
Oh, like them first century Christians who stand with him.

Verse 1: da' TRUTH
We're following Martin Luther-Models imparting truth to
Our generation and yes we're using the arts to do it
People are marching to the beat of the drum
The evil in some gave Jesus' people a reason to run
Charged of treasons by some by they ain't cower out like Nicodemus had done
Please believe that their reasoning was pleasing the Son
The squeeze in persecution gave the heathens a reason to come
(Who is that making that noise?)
We ain't quiet about 'em, we preach Christ until they inquire about 'em watch
We got our eyes on the outcome
Both genders boldly declaring He is the I AM, I'll come
Therefore we bear our cross if we suffer we reign
Suffering is momentary like getting stuck on the train
Just preach it you ain't got to be up on the slang
Present the truth of Jesus Christ until it's stuck in their brain.

Verse 2: Flame
Listen if we Christians considered the price that Jesus paid
And the resistance them early saints faced in Jesus days
And say for instance he let us live past Jesus' age
Then we should be screaming allegiance the fact that Jesus saves
We told 'em we Christians-Let's show 'em we Christians
We should still be carrying our crosses even if our arms were missing
Search them scriptures and see how some of them cats were killed
But when Kobe Bryant is down, still got Shaquille O'neal
If Flame was down and Truth was up it would still be dynamic
But image the damage planted if both were standing
Imagine the planet if believers all over the globe
Followed the authorities scriptures after closing the canon
Imagine the earth goes famine while Jehovah stands with the Holy Ghost in his fam
Imagine what would happen if were filled with compassion
And passion and every time we passed we kept them asking.

Verse 3: da' TRUTH
Heathens were glad to hate us, heated like radiators
They stripped us naked, enslaved us, and made us gladiators
Branded with nasty labels, Christians were bad for business
Thrown in the prison of Roman officials gladly made us
Public spectacles tied us to chariots
Burned up our flesh the Romans thought that was hilarious
Times were perilous they scattered us into various areas
Embarrassed us in the Catacombs is where they buried us
But now the heathens love us, you know that got me thinking
Could it be that we lost every ounce our distinction
If we have Father I pray you bring you bring us back
To the place where we fix the eyes of our souls on Jesus.

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