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Album by Da' T.R.U.T.H..
  1. U Ready? (featuring J-Soul)
  2. The Big Picture Interlude (featuring Kirk Franklin)
  3. Legend
  4. Tree to Tree (featuring Tye Tribbett)
  5. Intermission (featuring Chris Graham)
  6. Lost (featuring Tia Pittman)
  7. Trumpet Blow (featuring Trip Lee)
  8. You Made
  9. Applying the Big Picture (featuring Kirk Franklin)
  10. My President
  11. Great Wall (featuring Freddy Washington Jr.)
  12. Fantasy (featuring J.R.)
  13. Talk to You (featuring GP)
  14. That Great Day (Remix)
  15. How Long (featuring Deluge Band)
  16. Pain
  17. Suitcase (featuring Jahaziel, Stephen the Levite and Swoope)

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