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This song is by Da' T.R.U.T.H., features Lisa McClendon and appears on the album Open Book (2007).

Soft as the open air
As gentle as the common breeze
Is the beauty of the crimson rose
God has made you to be

Planted in the garden of life
By the King of Kings
And watered by His everlasting love

Each petal gently kissed by God
And enlightened by heaven's face
Forever surrounded by heaven's soil
And growing in heaven's amazing grace

She's just a rose
She's just a rose
Because He rose
Because He rose

I pray for my daughterI pray for her soul
I pray that she remembers everything that I taught her
Even more than cherishing anything I bought her
I pray to God that she would never get caught up

With the wrong crowd every flower needs water
'Cause for every seed sown, another weed is growin'
So I gotta pour that water deep into her soul
The water is the word, therefore she's gotta know

That she's so beautifulyet beauty is vain
And holiness is the only beauty that remains
I know that remains to be seen and so I'm prayin'
That she would stay pure even at a young age

She's just eight so it's only the front page
In the story of her life, therefore she's unscathed
But as she grows older, gotta let her hand go
Tell her look both ways before she walks across the road

She's a rose

She's just a rose
She's just a rose
Because He rose
Because He rose

I praise God for my wife oh how I love her

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