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Say That You Don't Care

This song is by DNH and appears on the album Drop N Harmony (2000).

MMmm.. Whoa

Just when I'm feeling like we're getting closer
Lady, you turn around and drift apart
And now you got me in a state of confusion
I just don't understand what we are Oh yeah
Tell me girl exactly what it is that you're doing
I know you're feeling my company
But is that all I am to you?
Kicking back with someone new
Is that all that you want...?

Say that you don't care and I'll walk away
Say you don't give a damn and I won't stay
But if you feel the same way that I feel
Girl you gotta show it (show it)
Cause girl I wanna know it.


Tell me you don't know the situation
Cause girl I know you know what's going on
How we be chillin all day, and making love all night
And still I sense that something's wrong (wrong)
Maybe there's a part of you that's scared and cautious
Maybe you just don't feel the same
Well whatever it may be
Baby just be straight with me,
What exactly is it you want (want)


Yeah la da da da da da da Oh Yeah Ahh Whoa


What is it you're feeling
What is it you're needing
I know you know what's going on
So if you feel the same,
way that I feel
Baby come on break it down
tell me what it is you want

Just tell me, Tell me what you want (yea, yea)
Baby just tell me, Tell me what you want (yea, yea)
Just tell me, Tell me what you want

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