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This song is by DL Incognito and appears on the album Life's A Collection Of Experiences (2004).

What started with my MPC, grew to beta SP's
Now its years later 360 degrees
Not much changed but the cut of my jeans
I'm eating more greens, my mama always said you gotta eat
So I take the salad over fries, the truth over lies
Besides that's still the same guy right?
Got my feet wet learned the ropes,
Niggas checking for my shit under the microscope
I'm stayin afloat those that don't believe in
DL and NP? indirectly you need the strength to succeed
A live feed took it on tour
Niggas waitin patiently for the encore
Need not wait more, Showed my potential on my first LP
Knew it took a sample and drums made real music
Forced the fans to ask the question who's this?
Where he from? he be reppin' what clique? he's sick.

[Scratches]"Real Hip Hop"...From the soul (Common) 4X

Now on planets, we built our own Lego blocks
So no way or need it, our shits hot
I know this, I made it through this world without my pops,
He's bogus, many'll go and do the same shit, it's not hopeless
My mother held it down kept me focused on my task
At last, I understand the math
The science and the path I had to take
Struggle another day, the sacrifices made along the way to become great
Some kings shed blood like the center of a steak
I use my poetry to infiltrate the human race
I put it all on paper this time
So you can better understand my rhymes, nigga
And no son I'm not wasting your time
I'm not wasting your money I encourage you to buy
The last shall be first, one day we will rise
The problems of the world are greater than you and I

So flawless when I recite on mics call me dirty
Elegant my pen is never worry
My councils like a clergy
I'm in my 20's now everyday closer to thirty
I'm grown up, a man no its still early
I hope the youngin niggas soon don't forget what hiphop is
So it can be around for my kids, for real
Life by experience the shit, its ill
My deliverance is only that I'm only skill
I build like the great minds that did Egypt
I'd rather see the pyramids than a precinct
Stopped by the cops on a block for no reason
We got to keep running everyday its open season
But who's really policin'
The smogs like the morgue in the city we ain't breathing
We barely even, just getting by
The struggles still the same see the pain in my eyes
Sometimes I think they just don't hear the cries