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​Fuck You

This song is by DJ Tomekk, features MC Serch and appears on the album Return of Hip Hop (2001).

Lean it back a little
(Lean it back)
Move your head back

This ain't nothin' sweet, just the beat is sweet
(True, true)
Everything I'ma say is from the flesh
(Speak the truth, God)
Feel you
(I'm feelin' you)

See me, I've seen the world and try to bring you along
Maybe with a song or maybe with a bong
That helps you rap cats rhyme along
I ain't changed my style, just my style came back
I'm still a lethal weapon longer than Smith and Wesson made gats

Got raps that are toxic
Like pilots high off meth in cockpits
I pop shit so you understand just what you gettin' with
What you standin' there for like you a narc in the dark?
While your bitch is swimmin' upstream
To the stage like they were caught

And in cars parked thumpin' while my beat is humpin' her
Dented her face up, my ice medaillon was in her face
While I was fuckin' her
I'm kiddin', I freak mics and not ice
Speak a language more foreign than dick to born dikes

Been above the clouds more times than you cats been off your block
Keep faces dented like cars in L.A. that are rented
I meant 99% of things I usually said
Pete Nice always says I'm nice off the top of my head
I'm glad after all this time my rhymes have struck through
And if they haven't, real simple, fuck you

You don't like the way I'm spittin' this?
Fuck you
You don't like the way I'm gettin' this?
Then fuck you

Actin' like you don't care, son
And fuck you
Throw them fingers in the air, son
Fuck you

(No games, no games)
Smooth it out a little
Bring it back

Now most of y'all can't call it if a phone was attached to it
Everyone says they're in it for the love but there's a catch to it
Adjust your watch to it, me, I'd rather not do it
You could feel what I'm spittin' and still not understand
Like most underhand and can't show a young man

How to fuck all them cows, they just want a nut
And then what, pimp strut?
You ain't shit, so if you're a man and you holdin' down your fam
Or you're a chick with essentials with ten nails on your hand

And you're runnin' from beast
And you love the state of hip-hop, be it north, south, west or east
And you look for Grease, Dre and my man Swizz Beatz
And you're fuckin' from Serchlite, Ruff Ryder to Dilated Peeps
J5 to J-Live, Good Vibe or Slum V
Then you're down with 3P, so repeat after me

You don't like the way I'm spittin' this?
Fuck you
You don't like the way I'm gettin' this?
Fuck you

You act like you don't care, son
Fuck you
And throw them fingers in the air, son
And fuck you

(New name)
'Cause you never thought I'd come back
(Never thought that)
Biatches, stank bitches

For the German coalition, for the European coalition
For my Asian coalition, Icelandic coalition
[Unverified] Africa coalition
And my fam in the US
God bless

One, one love
Shout out to Pete Nice
Steve [unverified]
Stone Rivers 'bout to make it happen
Ha, ha, ha, ha

Fuck your girl to this
Well ladies, fuck your man to this
Equal opportunity fuckin'
Ha, ha

Written by:

Berrin Michael; Kuklicz Tomasz; Schmidt Tomas