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Return of Hip Hop (2001)Edit

DJ Tomekk - Return Of Hip Hop

Return of Hip Hop

  1. Intro
  2. Return of Hip Hop (Ooh, Ooh) (featuring KRS-One, MC Rene and Torch)
  3. Legends (Rauch Was, Trink Was...) (featuring Tony Touch)
  4. Hot Boyz by Missy Elliott (DJ Tomekk Radio Mix)
  5. Run It Selectah (featuring Prezident Brown)
  6. The Genesis (featuring Aphrodelics)
  7. Girls (featuring Coolio)
  8. Backseat (featuring MC Spontan, Plattenpapzt, Tikki Diamondz and Traft)
  9. Ich Lebe Für Hip Hop (featuring Curse, GZA, Prodigal Sunn and Stieber Twins)
  10. The Heat (featuring Group Home)
  11. 1, 2, 3... Rhymes Galore (with Grandmaster Flash) (featuring Afrob, Flavor Flav and MC Rene)
  12. Temple of Hip Hop (featuring Torch)
  13. Blessed by God (featuring Stone River)
  14. Fuck You (featuring MC Serch)
  15. Kreislauf (featuring Die Firma)
  16. Outro

Beat of Life Vol. 1 (2002)Edit

DJ Tomekk - Beat Of Life Vol. 1

Beat of Life Vol. 1

  1. On the Wheels (Intro)
  2. Heidi (That Girl...) (featuring Perverted Monks)
  3. Viel Zu Sehen (featuring Trooper Da Don)
  4. Kimnotyze (featuring Lil' Kim and Trooper Da Don)
  5. 0177-DJ Tomekk Skit
  6. Unleash the Lion (featuring Prezident Brown)
  7. Ganxtaville Pt. 2 (featuring G-Style, Kurupt and Tatwaffe)
  8. Beat of Life (featuring Sandra Nasić, Ice-T and Trigger Tha Gambler)
  9. Rasta Soldier (featuring Prezident Brown)
  10. Russian Roulette (featuring Afu-Ra)
  11. Woody (featuring The Beatnuts)
  12. 1-800-Slave 4 U
  13. Supermadl (featuring Shadee)
  14. Holdin It Down (Skit)
  15. Du (featuring Spontan)
  16. Beat of Life Radio (Skit)
  17. Nice Girls (Schöne Chicken) (featuring Clumsy & Shegun)
  18. Colorado Part 1 (featuring Fatman Scoop) (Live)
  19. After the Show (Skit)
  20. How You Like That Remix (featuring Shaquille O'Neal) (Bonus Track)
  21. Ganxtaville, Pt. 1 (featuring Kurupt)

Other SongsEdit

  1. 1,2,3... Rhymes Galore (Underground Remix)
  2. Ganxtaville Part 3
  3. Jump Jump
  4. When's The Last Time

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