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Pringles Set (2009)Edit

DJ Smash - Pringles Set

Pringles Set

  1. Moscow Never Sleeps
  2. Лучшие песни (Wawa Remix)
  3. Dr Shoo Never Dies
  4. The Gift of Funk
  5. Волна (Extended Mix)
  6. Eastwest
  7. Скажи себе (Don't Stop)
  8. Лучшие песни
  9. Моя Москва (featuring Тимати)
  10. Moscow Never Sleeps (Brandeya Remix)
  11. Франция

Other SongsEdit

  1. Тёмные Аллеи (with Моя Мишель)
  2. Break It (featuring Charlie Armstrong)
  3. Feel The Summer
  4. Lovers 2 Lovers (featuring Ridley)
  5. The Night Is Young (featuring Ridley)
  6. Love & Pride (with Vengerov)
  7. Нефть (with Vengerov and Bobina)
  8. Команда (featuring Полина Гагарина and Егор Крид)
  9. Моя Любовь

Additional information

Real name:

DJ Smash is a performance name for Андрей Ширман.


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