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Album by DJ Sammy.
  1. Intro (featuring Carisma)
  2. Prince of Love (featuring Carisma)
  3. Golden Child (featuring Carisma)
  4. Sueño Complido
  5. Magic Moment (featuring Carisma)
  6. Find a Way (featuring Carisma)
  7. Allegria
  8. You Can Run (featuring Carisma)
  9. Wait (featuring Carisma)
  10. Life is Just a Game (featuring Carisma)
  11. You're My Angel (featuring Carisma)
  12. Prince of Love (Acapella) (featuring Carisma)
  13. Golden Child (Acapella) (featuring Carisma)
  14. Bruce Lee (featuring Chan)
  15. Outro (featuring Carisma and Chan)
  16. Bailando (with Loona)

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