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Life is Just a Game (1998)Edit

Life Is Just A Game
  1. Intro (featuring Carisma)
  2. Prince of Love (featuring Carisma)
  3. Golden Child (featuring Carisma)
  4. Sueño Complido
  5. Magic Moment (featuring Carisma)
  6. Find a Way (featuring Carisma)
  7. Allegria
  8. You Can Run (featuring Carisma)
  9. Wait (featuring Carisma)
  10. Life is Just a Game (featuring Carisma)
  11. You're My Angel (featuring Carisma)
  12. Prince of Love (Acapella) (featuring Carisma)
  13. Golden Child (Acapella) (featuring Carisma)
  14. Bruce Lee (featuring Chan)
  15. Outro (featuring Carisma and Chan)
  16. Bailando (with Loona)

Heaven (2002)Edit

DJ Sammy - Heaven
  1. California Dreamin'
  2. Heaven (with Yanou) (featuring Do)
  3. Sunlight (featuring Loona)
  4. The Boys of Summer
  5. El Cóndor Pasa
  6. Beautiful Smile
  7. Unbreakable
  8. Paradise of Love
  9. Vive el Presente
  10. Take Me Back to Heaven
  11. Sunchild
  12. Sunlight (Bossa Nova Vibes)
  13. Heaven (Candlelight Mix) (featuring Do)
  14. Irresistible (UK bonus track)
  15. Appalachian Fall (UK bonus track)

The Rise (2005)Edit

The Rise
  1. The Rise
  2. Rise Again
  3. Long Way To Go
  4. Follow My Star
  5. Why
  6. Highest Mountain
  7. Place On Fire
  8. L'bby Haba
  9. Summer's Here
  10. Key To My Castle
  11. Living In A Daydream
  12. Cheba
  13. Time Will Show
  14. Little Girl's Lullaby

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. A Thosand Tears
  2. Dj Sammy
  3. Eyes Closed So Tight
  4. Heart Attck Darkness
  5. Heaven (911 Remix)
  6. I Turn To You
  7. In 2 Eternity
  8. Into Eternity
  9. Look For Love
  10. Magic Eyes
  11. On And On
  12. Time After Time (Remix)
  13. True Love

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