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Entermission (2009)Edit

DJ Official - Entermission


  1. Enter The Mission (featuring Dr. Eric Mason, DJ Official and R-Swift)
  2. Show Off (featuring Lecrae and Flame)
  3. Use Me (featuring Tedashii)
  4. Streets of New York (featuring J.A.Z. and Magellan)
  5. Get Busy (featuring Trip Lee)
  6. Go (featuring H.G.A. and Tedashii)
  7. Not My Own (featuring Stephen the Levite, Phanatik and Evangel)
  8. Love Fallen (featuring Gems, Jehaziel, Benjah and Dillavou)
  9. Nothing Without You (featuring J.R. and Lecrae)
  10. Chaos (featuring Sho Baraka)
  11. Chisel Me (featuring Thi'sl, Json, K-Drama and Tedashii)
  12. On My 116 (featuring Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka and Trip Lee)
  13. Streets of Philadelphia (featuring Mac the Doulos, Young Joshua, Ackdavis and R-Swift)
  14. Missio Dei (featuring God's Servant)
  15. Forward Me (featuring Cam)
  16. Outro (Thank You)
  17. For My Breakers
  18. Eyes Open Remix (featuring Trip Lee and Sho Baraka)


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