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This song is by DJ Mendez.


Carneval ' All night long
En mi Corazon (1.)
Carneval ' Can't go wrong
Que quente conmigo (2.)
Careval ' As long as we live and breathe
Y va paya, paca (3.)
It's on the Latin flavor, go tell a neighbor now

Perdon, I'ma take you on a ride with me (4.)
Don't you worry 'bout a ticket, you can ride for free
Clamate, parate, just smile with me (5.)
Esta noche you will get a little wild with me (6.)
It's a global thing, everybody's shaking
Black, brown to Asian to Caucasian
Y yo, y tu ' no segregation (7.)
There's a party going on, here's your invitation

This is for real, you will belive
Esto es real y tu versa (8.)
'Cause it knocks you off your feet in a single heartbeat

Carneval ' All night long'

I'm so glad to be a part of this
All day, every day I put my heart in this
Soy el unico que pone la cara aqui (9.)
Och till och med svenska kan jag ta er dit
Can't stop still gotta lotta bars to spit
Uh, and you don't know? Hey, baby I started this

This is for real'

Carneval ' All night long'

Ahora mi gente ' Left to right, side to side (10.)
Escucha a Mendez (11.)

This is for real'

Carneval ' All night long'

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