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Clear 'N Present Danger

This song is by DJ JS-1.

Real emcees gonna play this one
You got KRS, Canibus and JS-1
Look for KRS he's on tour
Now you really about to hit the basement floor

Heliographs circle remedial flight paths
Right blast and the shockwave flash make them crash
Weather net repeat the weather specs
Intelligence better be correct or I'm gonna break your fucking neck
Far more pleasure per bar measure
Drops in barometric pressure make me better
Back to album one, 'Can-I-Bus'
One hundred targets simultaneously struck
Support for the reprisal of the Hip Hop bible
My 'Basic Instructions' become liable
The high data rap break I creates
Not something I can teach anyone how to make
Four cycles per second, you can hear more of the message
Bust a shot if you border the Lexus
Mental over potential tectonic pressure
"Yes Sir, I use ultramagnetic sensors"
It's gonna be hot in here, no more ionosphere
Now you can beatbox to my prayers
Digital woodpecker signals invisible
Mineral ELF waves gradually killing you
What can you do about it? Nothing
But you better be prepared to react when it's coming
Clear and Present Danger, no more running
Can't you see what the world is becoming
Clear and Present Danger, counter-productive
Destruction, it's a World War coming


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